Authenticity / Uniform Requirements

Each member of this organization is representing an important time in history. 
It is your responsibility to look the part and portray their role with a 100% accuracy, dignity, and respect. 
What you are doing is a tribute to those who came before and participated in one of the greatest undertakings of all time. 
It is critical that we convey the images and feelings of what happened to all those who view our organization. 
This is ESPECIALLY CRITICAL at all public events. 
We have chosen to help keep the story of those who served our Nation alive in today's times. 
Do so with respect, or not at all.

Uniform requirements
Our uniform guidelines are very strict as we are a representation of a specific unit. 
We do not have our t-shirts sticking out of our uniforms, we do not wear the “Daisy May” style HBT cap. 

We wear HBT’s the majority of the time; it is at the discretion of the participant if they wear Mens, Women’s or Coveralls. 
No mixing and matching of hbt’s. 
Out of respect for the women who did this job for real 70 years before us we tuck in the tops and button the entire blouse to the top. 

For Africa, and Mediterranean events the seersucker wrap dress is appropriate

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