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The members of the 128th Evacuation Hospital are a group of like minded individuals, who want to educate the public about the men and women of World War II. 

Membership in the 128th EVAC is open to all people who wish to portray the Surgeons, Nurses, and Corpsmen of World War II. 

All members are required to research their roles thoroughly. We believe that while history books are helpful that it is best to base our impressions upon the accounts of the veterans who served with the 128th. 

All of our impressions are done as authentically as possible to tell the true story of these brave men and women, who were one of the first medical facilities in a combat zone in World War II.

Althougth our group is primarily made up of female historians, who educate the public about the unique experiences of the 57 members of the Army Nurse Corps who served with the 128th from November 1942 till May 1945 we do encourage male membership within the group. 

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